Steeping / infusing question

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Steeping / infusing question

Postby StaticAge » Jul 16th, '13, 17:29

I'm new to this forum, this is my first post here.

I've always liked tea, but, its only been in the past couple of months that I began really "getting into" tea. A friend had given me some samples of loose leaf teas and I really fell in love with playing around and mixing them up and everything.

Anyway, when learning about how long to steep a tea, I notice a lot of advice says to not go past the recommended time in order to have a stronger tea. Some say it can make the tea bitter. They will say use more tea, not more time brewing it.

But then, the same sources also advocate multiple steepings of tea. Like making a cup, then, using the same leaves in a second cup and so on.

Well, are second and third steepings supposed to be bitter too? Because the leaves have been in the hot water much longer.

I developed the habit of using my steeper to stir my tea, and having nowhere to set it down, I would just let it sit in the mug. I never noticed any bitter taste, but, maybe my taste is not as refined. Regardless, the logic doesnt make sense to me. Can anyone explain it to me?


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Re: Steeping / infusing question

Postby wyardley » Jul 16th, '13, 17:47

Usually, if you use more leaf, you'll use shorter infusion times. When doing this, you can also generally get more infusions out of the tea, since less is extracted with each brew. I don't think there's a correct answer to your question in terms of what's the "right" way - you just need to brew the tea in a way that tastes good to you (and / or anyone you're serving). If the tea tastes good to you then you're doing it right.

But I wouldn't listen to any source that says not to exceed the "recommended" time. Brewing parameter recommendations from vendors should (for the most part) be completely ignored.

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Re: Steeping / infusing question

Postby amaranto » Jul 16th, '13, 19:06

I agree that brewing parameters are subjective. I've personally never had a problem with the majority of my tea getting bitter when oversteeped, just too strong.

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