Greetings from Kentucky!

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Greetings from Kentucky!

Postby Poseidon » Jul 23rd, '13, 17:04

Hello TeaChat!

My name is Cody and I'm absolutely in love with tea! :lol: I love learning about all forms of tea and different ways to brew each type. Im new to the high end teas so please bare with me through the questions I may have in the future. :oops:

From what I can tell this forum is very knowledgeable and kind which is something I look for in an online forum. I look forward to learning and tossing in some input every now and then!

See you in the threads!
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Re: Greetings from Kentucky!

Postby teaisme » Jul 23rd, '13, 17:27


I too also frequent/live in beautiful kentucky.

See you around! :mrgreen:
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Re: Greetings from Kentucky!

Postby Chip » Aug 4th, '13, 02:13

Hi Cody, sorry for the delay in welcoming you to our forum. I see you have made yourself at home and I look forward to seeing you around! 8)
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Re: Greetings from Kentucky!

Postby donaldosborne » Aug 11th, '13, 05:22

And another active member of our forum, keep it going!
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