Tea Aisle at HEB Grocery in TX

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Tea Aisle at HEB Grocery in TX

Postby sarahtrench » Aug 23rd, '13, 10:34

Hello Tea People!
I'm looking for some help with a grocery store in Texas, HEB. In order to determine if more of our gourmet products might fit in with their existing offerings, I'm hoping to first see what they've already got.

If you're in the area and could please, on your next trip to HEB, snap some photos of their tea section and email them to me: sarah(at)adagio.com, I would be so grateful!

Please include the location of the store with your photo. If you're near a Central Market or Market District store, I would be happy to see pics of these as well.

Thank you!
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Re: Tea Aisle at HEB Grocery in TX

Postby jayinhk » Aug 23rd, '13, 11:32

Howdy Sarah! Do we get free tea? :D

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