Tea Festival and Internship in Japan

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Tea Festival and Internship in Japan

Postby senelpia » Sep 6th, '13, 03:23

To introduce myself briefly my name is Jennifer Urbina and I am a Japanese Tea Ambassador. I am currently an intern at Obubu Tea Farms.

I want to provide you with information about our upcoming Tea Festival on November 3 and 4, 2013. Chagenkyo Festival is an ancient agricultural festival that was first called the “Green Fest”. Over time it has taken many different forms and has been held annually for almost 30 years. People from all over the world travel to Japan to attend either as volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors, performers, or even as guests. Tea ceremonies, tea exhibitions, food, games, and everything tea will take place in the beautiful countryside of Wazuka, Japan! It would be wonderful if you could join us for this fun-filled event! Admission is FREE!

Obubu also sells wholesale and hosts tea tours. Check them out at Obubutea.

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