Hainan Tea?

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Hainan Tea?

Postby jayinhk » Sep 13th, '13, 07:25

A friend of my mother's just got back from Sanya, Hainan and gave everyone a little tin of tea and a bottle of Chinese-made habanero hot sauce (which was a surprise). The tea is strange; looks like a rolled oolong, but without the aroma. I brewed it like an oolong and it is not unpleasant. It looks like a heavily oxidized oolong with stem and leaf that doesn't appear to be from the tea plant. Anybody have any idea what it is? It is a little bitter, but by no means unpleasant.

EDIT: apparently the Hainan Yellow Lantern Chili is a local variety that looks a lot like a habanero, and is indigenous to Hainan! Pretty cool.
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