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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby Chip » Sep 28th, '13, 20:20

Thank you for your comments and support.

In talking to the police, I sense their reluctance to do anything. And they definitely did not want to go knocking on this guy's door, but they seem to realize that doing nothing which is pretty much what they have asked me to do for over 2 years has proven to be counterproductive as the incidents are escalating, not stopping as they suggested. I understand this to a degree, but asking a few pointed questions of the right people is part of investigative police work. Somewhere this seems to have gotten lost.

My new mantra which I have shared with them for two+ years (hm, not so new) is, "just because I am paranoid does not mean they are not out to get me. Clearly I do have a degree of paranoia, but I also have a strong degree of reason and rationale which dominates my thought process.
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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby ethan » Sep 29th, '13, 05:40

It seems that many people, especially police, don't like to be told what to do. Crime leads to investigation & set procedures, while community work is vague, but not just open to anyone saying, hey copper, go & ....
I say this to suggest that you ask questions, more than make suggestions. You might ask police:
Would you prefer visiting me after my house has been burned down to doing something that might prevent that?
Is there really a reason police should not tell some people that if there is a crime related to .... because of the past, they will be under scrutiny & that scrutiny will not be a game? Police can ask those people for help in solving this threat thing, because if no else seems to have done it, then it certainly seems like them.
You can ask the police whether they know how to tell people to back off. Or why are they so unwilling; or, if they want you to ask their superiors (police or civilian) to consult w/ them on this because obviously they are ineffective & uncomfortable etc?
If you have injunctions for some people to stay off your property, in your state that means those people coming on your property are absolutely trespassing & in your state that allows you to shoot. I would not want a gun nor to use one, but getting the injunction & having the police interpret it to those it enjoins, may lead them to back off.
I don't know what will work w/ these awful people & what would make things worse, but certainly you can get authorities working for you & on notice. Others would know that future trouble is due to their laziness & incompetence.
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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby NPE » Sep 29th, '13, 07:08

I really do not have any good advice to offer - I just hope that this will get resolved very soon and that you and your family are safe and sound and do not need to worry about those clearly disturbed individuals anymore!
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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby hopeofdawn » Oct 2nd, '13, 14:46

Chip, I would second the recommendation for security cameras and/or a dog--the former can be pretty inexpensive, especially if you hook them up webcam-style to your computer. Neither is a 100% deterrent, but if you combine them with very obvious 'this property is under video surveillance' or 'beware of dog' signs, it may keep your harassers off your property.

Also, with the police, have you tried going to a supervisor or lieutenant about your case? You might want to let them know that this is a 2+ year campaign of harassment that you don't think their agency is taking seriously, and if another incident happens, you may just have to go to the local TV station/media and tell your story there. The threat of bad press might get them to take it a bit more seriously than they would otherwise. Especially if the local police chief/sheriff is an elected official ....
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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby JBaymore » Oct 2nd, '13, 18:58

hopeofdawn wrote:Neither is a 100% deterrent, but if you combine them with very obvious 'this property is under video surveillance' or 'beware of dog' signs, it may keep your harassers off your property...

Personally I was thinking of the cameras not as a deterrent....... but as a way to get serious evidence of at least tresspassing, and hopefully of some sort of harrassment or even felony threatening kind of crime.

Then the police will HAVE to act. They will have clear evidence of a crime.

So conceled cameras would have been my thought.

Clearly these folks are not easily "detered".


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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby Chip » Oct 2nd, '13, 20:42

Thank you, everyone!

I have initiated several actions including insisting the PD pay the alleged perp(s) a house call which they have done. And I walked into the police department today and spoke to the township detective who is planning to call him and his son in to the PD.

I believe some progress is being made and would be shocked to see further criminal behavior as I have made it extremely clear that my mostly self imposed silence is over. I have a list of peeps I will be calling and each of these will most likely apply a degree of pressure. The guy is certainly feeling amped pressure.

TBH, this has been a brutal period. I would not want him/them to know how much it has affected me, from the initial incident through this last act of retaliation. I am definitely not myself.

The day after the "petro act," I think for the first time ever I forgot to put the tea in my kyusu and brewed ... water. I did not realize it until I was pouring and thought the tea was remarkably clear. 8) I was extremely ... distracted.

John is quite correct, w/o some proof, all they can do is "talk" to them. And that they seem to do reluctantly ... pressure needs to be applied everywhere including to the police in order to provoke action.
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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby kymidwife » Oct 15th, '13, 14:01

So this is what happens when I take an extended tea hiatus? I should never have left you unsupervised for so long. :wink:

Seriously... so sorry you've had such a needless mess to deal with. ((Huggggs))

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Re: Humble Teapologies ...

Postby Chip » Oct 15th, '13, 21:11

Thank you kindly, sister Sarah. :mrgreen: Please drop by between baby deliveries!
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