First O-Cha order

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

First O-Cha order

Postby dRummie » Oct 31st, '13, 00:24

Funny thing just happened, instead of going to sleep (it's past 12am here) I've placed my very first order for Japanese greens :twisted:

Another vendor recently included a sencha sample with my order, and wow! I think I oversteeped it both times, it was quite bitter, but the umami flavour was incredible. I understand now how some teas are given a description of "brothy" around here.

So I'll be getting O-Cha's beginners' kit with the Kabusecha and Yutaka Midori. Can't wait :)

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First O-Cha order

Postby debunix » Oct 31st, '13, 01:50

O-cha orders are very tasty fun.

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Re: First O-Cha order

Postby sherubtse » Oct 31st, '13, 07:01

O-Cha is a good place to start exploring Japanese greens.

Depending on which shipping option you chose, you should get your order in about 5-7 days time.

Best wishes,

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Re: First O-Cha order

Postby BioHorn » Oct 31st, '13, 09:05

Great pick from a great vendor. Have fun!

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