Darjeeling green teas

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Darjeeling green teas

Postby ClarG » Nov 28th, '13, 05:27

Does anyone here enjoy Darjeeling green tea? I got into drinking more Indian and Chinese green tea after Fukushima happened and I stopped drinking Japanese teas.

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Re: Darjeeling green teas

Postby Chip » Nov 28th, '13, 10:58

India once had a bad rap for selling contaminated products. This has improved. Perhaps this is also why we see more organics coming from Darjeeling. There are more interesting greens coming from Darjeeling than in the past, but I am still not buying Darjeeling greens because of Fukushima.

I have not abandoned my beloved sencha from Japan. I am more selective of vendors and origin w/I Japan than I used to be.

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