Novice needs some recommendations.

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Novice needs some recommendations.

Postby lechon_kinenbi » Jan 27th, '08, 01:28

Hello everyone. I just purchased my first tokoname and some japanese green tea (kukicha and hatsutsumi shincha). I've tried some pu-erh from Rishi and would also like to try some Matcha, though I would like to try it with the matcha bowl and chasen instead of just infusing the powder with water. I would appreciate some recommendations since I'm still trying to improve my palate.

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Postby Space Samurai » Jan 27th, '08, 04:01

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

First, matcha equipage; it depends on how much money you want to spend. I agree with you, its best to have the chasen and what not for better results.

For pure function, this is a good, budget starter kit from Ippodo: I have not used it myself, but I've good things about it from other tea-chatters. (3,800 yen is about 35 dollars).

O-cha also has a starter kit: Its a build it yourself sort of thing.

I'm sure there are other starter kits out there and of course you can piece it together yourself from items you like--this is what I did. A chasen and chashoku you can get from most places that sell Japanese tea. A Chinese made chasen is cheaper, not as nice, but cheaper, and can run you about 12-15 bucks. Japanese chasen are closer to 20-26. If you are looking for artisan bowls, places like Hibkiki-an, Artistic Nippon, and Zencha have nice selections, IMO.

Matcha: I think this is a great one to start off with: Its very good, fresh, and a great price. When I started drinking matcha, I jumped in and bought more expensive ones before I had developed my palate to the extent in which I could fully appreciate it.

I do recommend buying matcha only from Japanese companies and/or vendors you trust. Matcha has such a short shelf life, you want to be sure you are buying fresh product and not something that sat in a boat or a ware house for the last six months.

I hope some of this helps. Good luck! :D

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