YS black teas - what to get ?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Re: YS black teas - what to get ?

Postby Joel Byron » Dec 2nd, '13, 20:50

I've got the Feng Qing "Ye Sheng Hong Cha" and the Jinggu "Golden Strand" right now and both are good. The Ye Sheng can get a little astringent if overbrewed but if you do it right it's great.
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Re: YS black teas - what to get ?

Postby AllanK » Dec 16th, '13, 19:45

sriracha wrote:Btw, has anyone tried their zheng shan xiao zhong?

I bought this about a month ago and got it in the mail a week ago. Finally got around to trying it today. It was good, very astringent and somewhat bitter, not smoked. Too astringent for my tastes.
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