My experience at Teavana.

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Re: My experience at Teavana.

Postby MHead » Dec 3rd, '13, 13:09

I just went to Teavana last Friday because my daughter wanted to get her dad some tea for Christmas. Because the prices are so high I only wanted to buy 2 ounces of a couple of teas. When the sales lady measured out the tea she kept going WAY over the amount I asked for (like over 4 oz when I asked for 2) and then she would ask if it was ok. She did this for each of the teas I ordered and I was surprised that her weighing skills did not improve but got worse each time. Of course I said NO to the extra tea and I made her adjust the amount to close to what I had asked for. I assumed she was new and didn't know how to use a scale yet. I found this story very interesting and informative. I now know that it was most likely not a ditzy sales person that couldn't weigh correctly but was more likely a cunning ploy to trick me into buying twice as much as I wanted. I personally do not like most of their teas. I find the samples too sweet. Good quality teas can be found elsewhere for much cheaper.
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Re: My experience at Teavana.

Postby Meenie » Jan 3rd, '14, 12:15

My problem with teavana isn't their pushy sales tactics (which I don't like but do have the ability to say no), or the price of their tea (which I do see as overpriced, but again, have the ability to say no) but the fact that they put sugar into their samples and don't tell you.
I really do love their maharaja/samurai chai blend - thats the one they give you when you hit the door. When I make it at home, I put a little splenda into it, as it was quickly noted at home that it didn't taste quite the same as in the store!
Also the blueberry/pineapple blend - in the store tastes great, at home is rather bland and the sweet taste is missing.
Not only is that false advertising, imho, but is dangerous as well. I'm diabetic and being given things to drink that are laden with hiden sugar is simple WRONG.
I'm currently getting samples from other tea companies trying to find teas that taste similar to the maharaja/samurai blend. So far Art of Tea's throat therapy is very similar while less expensive - I tried a different tea there that I thought might be similar (wasn't) and got a sample of the throat therapy just because it's winter, lol. Love it.
So I'm one of those teavana customers who has been lost by their sales tactics. Sadly.
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Re: My experience at Teavana.

Postby needaTEAcher » Jan 9th, '14, 21:05

I needed a tea basket in less than 24 hours, long story, and after trying everywhere I could think of and never finding one, I finally caved and went to Teavana. While there, I scoped out the zisha, and acted like I didn't know anything, so as to hear their spiel. Wow. Worst. Teapots. Ever.
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Re: My experience at Teavana.

Postby Chip » Jan 10th, '14, 13:14

... since this is tea related, I have moved the topic to General/Other Tea.
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Postby Obsydian » Jan 10th, '14, 19:58

If you find something similar Meenie please share, that's my most favorite tea blend. I went over there as a tea newbie and probably got ripped off without knowing. What a shame...
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Re: My experience at Teavana.

Postby Ursinos » Jan 11th, '14, 13:06

Wow. Thanks for this story. My wife kept pointing out to me that one of the local stores was hiring. *cringe* I KNOW I could not cope in that kind of environment, and I'd end up trying to stick it out for a while out of a need to have a job again. That would not be good for me.

Honestly, I really get a bad feeling about Teavana anyway. I used to shop at the stores when they were still Teopia up here. They didn't seem to have the same kind of high pressure sales tactics. They also carried some teas that I just couldn't find anywhere else but really liked (oh how I miss their Cactus Fig).

anyway, again, thanks for the cautionary knowledge
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