Its really working! My pumidor is really working!

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Re: Its really working! My pumidor is really working!

Postby gasninja » Dec 14th, '13, 13:13

There is a down side. Today to celebrate being snowed in I brewed a pot of my small stash of 96 purple Dayi :D :D :D While this tea is still excellent ( It tastes like there might be some LBZ in the blend). But It has lost a small amount of its energy becoming more mellow and rich.But a bit of zing that it had has been lost. I guess what I mean is some teas I want to age slower or dryer. I have ordered a large rock style jar from Petr Novak to put mature cakes. I now think I should order another jar or two for cakes that I want to age more slowly lighter cakes (like 05/04 Yan Qing Hao).
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