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Hi to all

Postby plastic351 » Dec 25th, '13, 17:57

Hi. My name is Janko and I am from Serbia. I'm so glad that I am a part of this wonderful community. Ps. My favorite teas are "Jasmine pearl", "YaBao pu erh", Sencha, oolong teas... Over the years I tried many teas and only tea I dont like(i want to throw up) is Lapsang Souchong. Once again, I'm very glad to be a part of this community. :D

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Re: Hi to all

Postby debunix » Dec 25th, '13, 20:18

Welcome, Janko. This is a great place to learn more about tea and expand your tea horizons. It sounds like you're already a tea-omnivore, enjoying greens and oolongs and puerhs too. Many people here tend to prefer one type of tea, but there are plenty like us who like a little of everything. I've already been through some green tea to start the day, midday oolong while doing some kitchen prep, and expect I will be relaxing after dinner with some puerh. Variety keeps it interesting!

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Re: Hi to all

Postby Teaism » Dec 25th, '13, 20:36

Welcome Janko

Your opinion on lapsang souchong is correct. I find that this tea have very wide opposing audience, either you like it very much or you totally hate it.
It is fine to stick to your palate but if given another chance you should try other samples. Sometimes we obtain the wrong or inferior tea so it is good to sample a few more times before totally avoiding the tea. For me I am on the other side, I enjoy the tea very much.

Have a great day! Cheers!

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Re: Hi to all

Postby Chip » Dec 26th, '13, 20:28

Welcome Janko, we are happy you have become part of our TeaCommunity!

Enjoy your TeaJourney as you expand your horizons and try other teas. :mrgreen: BTW, I am not a fan of Lapsang Souchong either.

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