Rooibos Conversion

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Rooibos Conversion

Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Jan 29th, '08, 17:23

After realizing that drinking caffeinated teas later at night is bad, I decided to go with Rooibos as an alternative. I was slightly nervous about the flavor since any of the bagged ones I tried were awful. The one from Tazo smelled medicinal, like a strong cough syrup. I couldn't even drink beyond one sip of it without gagging. After trying that tea, I kept thinking that ordering the size above the sample tin for the Rooiboses that I wanted to try may have been a bad idea.

Today, I received my Vanilla Rooibos and the Foxtrot from Adagio. The vanilla smelled heavenly so I brewed a mug of it. All I have to say is "Wow." It is pleasantly smooth with an earthy, woody flavor touched just a tad by the sweet vanilla. I will try the Foxtrot later, but this is absolutely awesome.

I just wanted to share my happiness with the other Rooibos drinkers since this made my day.

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Postby Wesli » Jan 29th, '08, 17:37

Foxtrot adds chamomile into the mix, which is what I do every time I drink rooibos.

I do have to agree with you. Adagio does an excellent job of flavoring their rooibos. I liked the vanilla, but found that it lost it's flavoring after sitting around a while (in the tin). My favorites are the almond and the orange. Mango and peach are excellent too.

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Postby xine » Jan 29th, '08, 18:15

Glad to hear you are enjoying the rooibos! It took me a while too to get into the taste of rooibos, but I love it. Foxtrot is my nightcap of choice too.

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Postby Mary R » Jan 29th, '08, 18:32

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the rooibos too! Adagio's vanilla is also really good mixed 50/50 with their mango. The two flavors complement each other quite well.

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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Jan 29th, '08, 21:45

I definitely plan on trying some of the other flavors when I run out of these ones. The mango will probably be next since its one of my favorite fruits. Its just so nice to have a mug of tea to relax and be able to still fall asleep.

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