What is tea from Dooars India like?

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What is tea from Dooars India like?

Postby ClarG » Dec 28th, '13, 05:55

I was looking up tea grades and I read about black tea in Dooars India has anyone here had it?

I did a search and found this article and I would not buy from this estate: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1131109/j ... 546263.jsp
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Re: What is tea from Dooars India like?

Postby .m. » Dec 28th, '13, 12:55

That's a real shame.
First flush darjeeling from Putjharjora Estate (not one of the three estates closed) sold by Upton is very good, especially for its price, with nice citrusy/lemongrass scent. See http://ratetea.com/review/1519/
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Re: What is tea from Dooars India like?

Postby mbanu » Jan 9th, '14, 22:41

Dooars tea is in transition.

Historically it was a rough place to grow tea, because the humidity kept the tea from withering in the traditional way. It was one of the last strongholds of the Legg cut tea roller, and was known for a slightly brassy flavor that was good for tea blends but not nice on its own.

Since then, the remaining Dooars plantations have modernized their equipment, and it is hard to identify a distinct Dooars style.
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