Favorite Tea Bags

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Favorite Tea Bags

Postby HydeInFL » Dec 28th, '07, 01:47

I travel for business a lot and can't exactly drag all the loose tea paraphanalia with me. So, I'm looking for some tea bags I can take with me and enjoy. Some of my favorites so far:

Mighty Leaf African Nectar
Mighty Leaf Organic Mint Melange
Mighty Leaf Mountain Spring Jasmine
Tazo Zen (only one Tazo makes that I like)

Looking for a good basic green, basic black, chamomile, and some flavors too.

Side Question: what about using tea filter bags for loose teas? Do these work OK or does the tea not have enough room to breath in these things?

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Postby Wesli » Dec 28th, '07, 02:49

The bags for loose tea are great. I highly recommend them over store-bought bags. They'll give enough room to expand as long as you don't tie them shut with anything.

My favorite way to make tea for work is with cold-brew teabags. Den's tea has some good ones. I work in a hot and humid environment, so they work wonders for me.

By the way, when you search for teabags, in order to insure a minimal amount of quality, make sure the tea is whole leaf. Pyramid bags should also be sought after, as they insure room for the leaf to expand.
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Postby Victoria » Jan 30th, '08, 00:21

I have just found some great fillable bags, that really beat out the cheap paper ones. They come in two sizes and fill from the side so they are very roomy!
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Postby Wesli » Jan 30th, '08, 00:57

I thought I'd add that the Uji Sencha Teabags from O-cha I got my dad for christmas are wonderful.
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