Uh oh.... Look who's back!

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Uh oh.... Look who's back!

Postby Dresden » Jan 18th, '14, 21:48

Hey guys and gals...

You may or may not recognize me. It really depends on how long you've been a TCer. It's been nearly 2 years since my last visit to TC so I feel that (re)introductions are in order.

Until recently I was a lifelong resident of the swamps of southeast Louisiana (think further south than New Orleans and when you're about to fall into the gulf, you're there).

Over the last 2 years my time was spent finishing up my masters in mathematical statistics and searching for jobs. Well... Fast forward to today an I have dredged up my roots, left the gulf coast and planted them firmly into some far off mountains. Quite the change of scenery.

Anyways, if I know you from before, how have you been. If I don't, it's nice to meet you. Hopefully I will be seeing much more of all of you!

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Re: Uh oh.... Look who's back!

Postby Chip » Jan 18th, '14, 21:51

Welcome back! And congrats on earning your masters.

Looking forward to having you around ... again. :mrgreen:
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