Wed 1/30/08 What type of tea did you start your day?

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What type of tea did you start your day with today?

Poll ended at Jan 31st, '08, 05:13

Yerbe Mate
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Postby skywarrior » Jan 30th, '08, 12:55

Morning, I think. :roll:

Chocolate flavored black tea. You see a pattern here? :shock:
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Postby Daughteroftheki... » Jan 30th, '08, 12:58

First cup was one of my favorites - Ooooh Darjeeling.
Got to work and my Adagio order was waiting for me..yeah! Needed a new IngenuiTea (my old one wouldn't stop peeing all over the file cabinet), and now I can't decided which sample to try first...probably mandarin green.
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Postby Victoria » Jan 30th, '08, 12:59

Good Morning all! West coast checking in here - brrrrr very cold here in my office this morning. Off to a late start today so this is my first brew - Da Ye Wuyi oolong. My favorite Wuyi, this one is less roasted, sweet with a beautiful floral aroma. Just lovely. Have a nice day everyone!
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Moonlight white

Postby Mich » Jan 30th, '08, 13:35

The tea i started my day with was Moonlight white-(Yue Guang Bai) from Yunnan’s Da Yeh tea tree i got this leaf from rishi-tea.
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Postby Chip » Jan 30th, '08, 13:37

Wow, I can make no sense of this poll. Yesterday, the first tea of the day choice seemed to be Japanese...typically green. Today, blacks are killing greens. (hmmm, that sounds a little strange) Go figure. Well, today, the black tea drinkers are rallying early!!!

I added my green vote, a late TeaDay start...starting with Guricha today, usually a later in the day tea for me. Am I wild and crazy or what???
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Postby Marky » Jan 30th, '08, 13:40

A second steeping of Silver Needle is in my pot now. Yum.
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Postby joelbct » Jan 30th, '08, 14:38

Keemun Hao Ya A upon rising, followed by 2 bowls of Matcha 2 hours later....

And now my daily Sencha, Fuka Supreme today, as I had my Chiran Kanaya Midori yesterday...
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Postby LavenderPekoe » Jan 30th, '08, 15:14

Lessee..Today I started with Tevana peach oolong. I tried a second brew but I threw it out. Just not any good. Now I am drinking Tao of Tea's Lychee.
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Postby Katmandu » Jan 30th, '08, 15:28

Well I just finished my 5th steep of Den's fukamushi maki sencha a little while Im brewing up some Golden Buddha I got from Red Blossom...smells good!
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Postby Wesli » Jan 30th, '08, 15:42

Guricha time for me.
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Postby Chip » Jan 30th, '08, 16:05

Guricha time expired after 5 nice steeps...

I am having Shi Feng Xi Hu Long Jing, aka, Lion West Lake Dragon Well. This is a really nice LJ, one of the best I think I ever had. The leaf sets are stunning, I just love spooning it out. The dry leaf, so nice and nutty smelling.

The brew is light, but really HQ, and not too light as some of the pricier LJ can be (and this is pricy).

This is great Long Jing. I feel priviledged to enjoy it.
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Postby Photiou » Jan 30th, '08, 17:19

Imperial yunnan gold for breakfast, lapsang souchong at work (again) and now some Kaboku sencha from Ippodo.
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Postby Wesli » Jan 30th, '08, 18:37

Home from class for the day. Decided to go for more guri, but I oversteeped the third. It surprisingly turned out very good.
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Postby CynTEAa » Jan 30th, '08, 18:49

Having a third steep of wuyi that has gotten me through the afternoon. Only a few toasty, fruity notes left, but still quite nice!
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Postby Chip » Jan 30th, '08, 19:31

Surprisingly and out of the blue, I was able to share my Long Jing with someone. I usually brew 200 ml for just myself for each steep. It was interesting only having 100 ml per steep for myself. Kinda fun. But the session flew by. I might consider 100 ml steeps for just myself, it was really different.

Now for some Yame sencha, my current fav tea that I have open.
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