Red Blossom Oolong Recs

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Red Blossom Oolong Recs

Postby Toomes » Jan 31st, '08, 11:10

I'm going to order some Oolong, one from each region (Anxi, Wuyi, Formosa), from RB today along with a Gaiwan. Before I order, just wanted to see if anyone here has some recommendations on what I should buy.

I only have about 5 grams of Wuyi from Rishi and about 5 grams of Dan Cong Classic from Teaspring left in my Oolong Tea Stash, so I need some more. Plus, I don't have a gaiwan.
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Postby Katmandu » Jan 31st, '08, 11:42

Hi Toomes,
I ordered some great wuyi oolongs from Red Blossom a few weeks ago and have been very pleased with them to say the least! :D I'm loving them...the few I got were Golden Buddha, Wuyi Rougui, and Huang Kuan Yin. Hope this helps! :)
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Postby xine » Jan 31st, '08, 12:19

I agree with the Golden Buddha from Red Blossom- very tasty.
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Postby Chip » Jan 31st, '08, 15:57

*wants some Golden Bhudda!*

*rou gui too from what I have heard here*
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Postby Toomes » Jan 31st, '08, 19:07

I got impatient and ordered left 3 replies. Gotta have that tea now! :lol:

I ordered:
Heaven Mist
Golden Buddha
Iron Goddess of Mercy - Anxi
Sea Dragon Gaiwan

I did take the Golden Buddha rec. Also, I hope their TGY is good, because the price is good enough to make it an everyday tea.
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Postby Victoria » Jan 31st, '08, 21:21

Toomes - please report back on how their TQY is, I'm always searching and that's my fave.
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