Afghanistan tea

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Afghanistan tea

Postby Drax » Feb 26th, '14, 17:49

So... anybody know anything about tea in Afghanistan?

No reason.... :wink:
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Re: Afghanistan tea

Postby Chip » Feb 26th, '14, 17:53

Mixed with poppy, maybe? :mrgreen:

I know there has been much effort to shift illegal crop lands to legal crops, but a lot of pressure to remain poppy growers. I had not heard of tea.

I will be anxious to hear of any success stories.
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Re: Afghanistan tea

Postby jayinhk » Feb 27th, '14, 01:19

I know they drink this stuff up there:
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Re: Afghanistan tea

Postby Tead Off » Oct 10th, '14, 12:49

Drax wrote:So... anybody know anything about tea in Afghanistan?

No reason.... :wink:

Tea wasn't the most memorable experience for me when I was there. :wink:
I know they grow tea in Pakistan so I would think that they could grow it there.
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Re: Afghanistan tea

Postby yalokinh » Oct 14th, '14, 01:30

Wow that looks different. any clue to it's availability in the states?
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