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Hello from Montreal

Postby Sam. » Jan 27th, '08, 15:37

Hello everyone from one of the many new people on TeaChat. I'm a university student in Montreal who became an big tea drinker during my first year (I'm in my second now) and just gave up teabags for whole leaf teas over Christmas by ordering myself a couple nice presents from Adagio!

I've liked all tea that I've come across but I only recently began tasting types other than green and black teas. I've truly enjoyed the White Tropics sample that Adagio sent me with my ingenuiTEA - I had never tasted white tea before. I'm not a huge fan of black teas but I do enjoy Earl Grey (and Earl Grey Bravo from Adagio). I also drink some Foxtrot tea almost everynight as a pre-bedtime ritual. I've always liked green teas but I've found that the Apricot Green I ordered seems to have a much weaker flavor than the greens I used to drink out of teabags, almost bland. Maybe I'm brewing it wrong? Help would be much appreciated. :)

I'm currently awaiting my second Adagio shipment. I ordered some Vanilla Rooibos and Grapefruit Oolong as I've never tried either type of tea! (Though rooibos is not technically tea, I suppose.)

I make my teas using Brita filtered water and a simple Proctor-Silex $15 electric kettle. I have a ingenuiTEA and a small ceramic teapot that I received as a Christmas gift and use both to make my teas.

Anyways, I look forward to learning a lot about tea on these forums. If anyone knows any good books or websites to read to teach me even more I'd love t hear about them!


Edit: Changed utiliTEA to ingenuiTEA - my mistake.

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Postby Wesli » Jan 27th, '08, 22:49

If the tea isn't giving you as much flavor as you like, add more leaf!

Welcome to tea-land, Scarrell!


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Postby Sam. » Jan 29th, '08, 03:22

Thanks Fukamushi,

Do you or does anyone else know any good, in-depth book or website I can browse for fun just to learn more about tea? I know all the basics (all the types and tisanes, how to brew, etc.) but don't know as much about fancy teaware (yixing, gaiwan, tea trays, etc?) or less common types of tea (pu erh, yellow tea?). I'd love to learn everything tea. :D

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Postby fencerdenoctum » Jan 29th, '08, 10:18


Welcome to Teachat! One book that a lot of us like around here (especially the green tea and matcha heads) is The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo. Its a very interesting read. It mostly deals with the Japanese tea ceremony but its very enjoyable.

Two best ways of learning about tea

1. Drink more tea.
2. Hang out with us! The board has a wealth of knowledge (and silliness), so dive in!

By the way, whats in your cup?

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Postby hop_goblin » Jan 29th, '08, 14:20

Welcome Aboard!!

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Postby Chip » Jan 30th, '08, 14:09

Hi Sam, and welcome to TeaChat!!! You may be new, but it sounds like you are well on your way on your personal TeaJourney.

Try and stop by TeaDay, located under Teas, there you can share what you are drinking throughout the day and hear what everyone else has in their cup. There is a Daily Poll there as well to take your mind off the daily grind (coffee pun intended).

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Postby skywarrior » Feb 1st, '08, 13:58

Welcome, Sam! :D

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