Several questions!

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Several questions!

Postby CecilyPartidge » Sep 21st, '05, 11:10

Found this site today and am thrilled, as I am a huge fan of tea and all things related to this beverage.

I do have a couple of questions:

1. What is a Tea Society/Tea Group
2. Does anyone know of any tea room in the vacinity of Western Massachusetts. I do travel to Putnam, CT to Mrs. Bridges Pantry once or twice a year, but would like to go out for tea more often.


Postby klemptor » Sep 21st, '05, 11:18

1. A Tea Society is (as far as I know) a group of people that meet regularly for tea. This can be either in a tearoom or at the home of one of the members. They tend to serve a variety of teas and complementary foods (tea sandwiches, etc.).

2. Check Teamap for tearooms local to you.
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Postby PeteVu » Sep 23rd, '05, 00:39

i like to think this forum counts as a tea society. its by far the most convenient one.
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