Gaiwan and Gongfu (mostly) Tea Blog (updated)

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Gaiwan and Gongfu (mostly) Tea Blog (updated)

Postby kittylovestea » Nov 18th, '12, 07:36

I am in the process of starting up a tea blog for myself. My blog will have reviews (including pictures) and it's a place that I hope to share everything I have learned so far.

You can also find me on steepster.
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Re: My New Tea Blog

Postby Chip » Dec 6th, '12, 22:32

Good luck with your blog.
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Re: Gaiwan and Gongfu (mostly) Tea Blog (updated)

Postby Hannah » Apr 9th, '14, 18:44

Been seeing some lovely posts on this blog lately :mrgreen:
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Re: Gaiwan and Gongfu (mostly) Tea Blog (updated)

Postby Alex » Apr 12th, '14, 03:05

On your most recent post you favour the sencha brewed at 60c have you tried brewing the others that you brewed at 80-90c at 60c? I brew all my sencha at the 60c mark. I don't even enjoy sencha over 70c. Give it a pop. 8)
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