Sat 2/02/08 Describe your predominant influence on TeaPrep?

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How would you describe your predominant influence upon your "personal tea ceremony?"

Traditional Asian influenced
Traditional European influenced/Victorian
Modern &/or American ingenuity influenced
Total votes: 35

Postby Ladytiger » Feb 2nd, '08, 23:40

Well, I eventually did drink my pot of Russian Caravan and my herbal tea, although I grabbed peppermint and not spearmint. As for my personal tea cerimony, if I just want to cozy up and read or do some homework, I steep my tea in a teapot and pour a little at a time into my cup. I guess it's more of an Englsih tea cerimony, but I voted for other since it depends on if I'm reviewing the tea or simply drinking it.
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Postby Buzz Fledderjohn » Feb 2nd, '08, 23:43

Just an update...

I had a matcha smoothie a little while ago (don't worry, I used food grade matcha...don't want to disrespect the leaf) and now I'm working on some Miyabi from O-cha.
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Postby Wesli » Feb 3rd, '08, 01:43

Fukicha, but cut it off early because I've got two bags of new guri in front of me that beg for tomorrow.
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Postby Chip » Feb 3rd, '08, 01:45

*guri envy*
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