Green tea steeping times

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Green tea steeping times

Postby tealicious » Feb 12th, '08, 01:16

I love a strong cup of tea and tend to steep mine for a long time. This is no problem for black/white tea but for green it leaves too much of a grassy taste. Any tips for steeping time and temperature? Thanks.

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Postby Pentox » Feb 12th, '08, 01:23

in my experience oversteeping green tea does not result in a grassy taste, oversteeping results more in a bitterness. If you don't like the grassy taste, I would suggest a different variety of green tea.

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Postby Chip » Feb 12th, '08, 01:54

Many greens have a veggie or grassy flavor profile. For many of us, it is an aquired taste. For still others, they never like greens.

As for me, greens are my fav. Have you tried Long Jing, aka Dragon Well or Lung Ching, tends to be more nutty???

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