Fun or Odd Stuff for Tea

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Fun or Odd Stuff for Tea

Postby Acoustic_Visions » Oct 4th, '05, 21:33

Just in curiousity, has anyone tried something really strange for tea? Tree bark for example.. Or like a headline on FARK, "What would happen if I used Poison Ivy?" ..

Basically fun odd stuff ~ Stuff you would never actually think of seriously, such like accidently using Corn Syrup instead of water, or if you use odd Condiments..

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Postby himthatwas » Oct 5th, '05, 01:47

That sounds like the kind of stuff I'm doing on my web page. Not to spam, but it is. I going to brew some tea in shampoo eventually (for hair health of course). If anyone has any other places I'd love to hear about them as well.

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