Saturday, 2/16/08 is a marathon TeaDay

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Take a count!!! How many Teas do you currently own?

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Saturday, 2/16/08 is a marathon TeaDay

Postby Chip » Feb 16th, '08, 04:14

Saturday...let's have a marathon TeaDay. Just don't forget to share what's in your cup today. All day!!!

I have had a slow TeaWeek, but I hope to have 5 teas today.

All are welcome to participate in TeaDay, so if you are a Newbie to Tea or TeaChat, this is a great place to start.

I want to thank everyone who has submitted suggestions for the daily TeaPoll. Although I have a bunch, keep them coming. I do not think anyone suggested today's.

So, how many teas do you own??? Take a quick count. This is going to be interesting. And let's discuss this today. Please share your TeaNumbers with everyone, if you dare!!!

Have a great TeaDay everyone.
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Postby omegapd » Feb 16th, '08, 05:43

22 sounds about right for me. I'm trying to cut down a bunch, though.

Yesterday, I got in a package of Yerba Mate to keep me busy. Trying some CBSe Naranja (orange flavored) this morning...

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Postby olivierco » Feb 16th, '08, 06:11

Between 40 and 50 (although I have 14 bags on their way from Japan) which correspond to my yearly consumption. Excluding Puer, each tea I own has been bought within the last twelve months (six months max for Japanese greens in my fridge). I like my tea as fresh as possible.

Yunnan golden tips for breakfast and jasmine pearls right now. Japanese greens this afternoon for sure.
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Postby Tsukiko » Feb 16th, '08, 06:19

You've been feeling under the weather, Chip, so don't be too hard on yourself for not drinking to your TeaPotiential :D

I have approximately 25 types of tea in my cabnet. I have so many that I had to throw out a few boxes recently because I forgot I had them and they were months outdated (some even over a year). :cry:
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Postby Jack_teachat » Feb 16th, '08, 07:09

Started the day with a third steep of Yutaka-Midori sencha from O-cha after brewing it for the first time last night, much to my pleasure! Currently drinking (believe it or not) a cup of Sainsburys fairtrade blend which my housemate made for me which is quite pleasent (Being English you see, sometimes in the morning I just like a good old cuppa!)

Being fairly new to serious tea drinking I have quite a lot of cheaper lose leaf which I am now less keen on, having invested in some posh sencha, but I do like to play around blending it from time to time.

Jack :)
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Postby Ladytiger » Feb 16th, '08, 10:24

Um, wow, I didn't know I had that many types of tea! I esimated about 36-40 types of tea. I need to invite some friends over to help me consum some of it. My non tea friend has expessed some interest when I mentioned something like that to her. I need to start drinking those Japanese greens.
No tea yet today but I'll be started out with some soon, possbily the green that Victoria's Own sent me.
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Postby witches brew » Feb 16th, '08, 10:59

Fifteen teas here, because I have the white and herbal samplers from Adagio and a select few tins of Rishi and Teavana herbals.

In my cup this morning, I have peppermint tisane with a tiny pinch of the Valentine flavored black tea that came as a surprise in my sample order. That gives a subtle whisper of chocolate to the mint.

In some traditions of herbal magic, peppermint is used to consecrate divination tools.
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Postby Selaphiel » Feb 16th, '08, 11:15

At the moment I`m sitting at 19 different teas, with more on the way.

I started my day with a double bowl of matcha today, that`s really a good way to kickstart the day :D
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Postby hop_goblin » Feb 16th, '08, 13:45

Well, ok.. I do have roughly 20 - 30 different teas. However, It is not including all of the different types of puerh that I have as I counted puerh as one type. But if you included my puerh in the total as a separate tea I would say I have roughly 100-30 different kinds, including my numersous samples
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Postby Wesli » Feb 16th, '08, 14:00

I made a real rough estimate of 58. I've got guricha and kabusecha on the way from O-cha though. I'm quite looking forward to tasting the Kabusecha. Kevin's talk didn't hype me on the guri, but his will be the most expensive one I've bought, so it better be the best!

I have jet to work in about an hour, but first, I'm going to have some matcha-spiked sencha, then take some powdered sencha for drinking at work.
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Postby Chip » Feb 16th, '08, 14:22

Yutaka Midori in my cup!!! I really love the dry aroma of this sencha. And when I put it into a preheated kyusu, I better be sitting down.

Still checking on how many teas I have. Been a busy morning. This is a complicated question for me.

Keep on sipping, I need to pick up the pace...I am already falling behing my TeaGoal of 5 teas for today.

I have a few nice samples that just arrived from a new friend...oy...they look really nice. :D
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Postby Wesli » Feb 16th, '08, 14:28

Matcha-laced guricha is a win. The smell reminded me of when I first started drinking sencha or matcha. I couldn't tell which one it was reminding of. But it was cool.
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Postby Chip » Feb 16th, '08, 14:32

I love mixing matcha with Japanese teas...almost as much as I like to blend them with Kukicha/Karigane. And if I use both in the blend, realllly nice!!!

I made a small...or BIG mistake with the poll. I had added more than 100 teas last night, but forgot to hit add option. So, I suspect a few of you thought, why did he stop at 100. Anyone have more than 100 teas??? 'fess up!!!
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Postby TaiPing Hou Kui » Feb 16th, '08, 15:04

Well, I have about 6 teas that I drink on a regular basis, and probably another 10 that were gifts from people that knew I liked tea but not exactly what I liked. I usually give these away to some of my friends who are into tea and like the types that I dont.

*This morning I have started off with some silver needle and I have a feeling that after a few steepings of this I will be placing some sencha in the pot!

Happy Saturday to all!

-Nick (TaiPing)
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Postby Victoria » Feb 16th, '08, 15:06

In my cup this morning 2008 A-Li-Shan. Made impromptu gong-fu style due to a leaking IngenuiTEA. Believe me there was much shrieking as my precious liquid sat in a puddle on my glass cutting board. The horrors!

Never had one leak before I think daughterofthe King jinxed me.

As for my count, hummm. I was thinking about cleaning out my stash this morning and also posting a pic, so I'll report back after I see what I see.
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