Mariage Frere Teapot - Help!

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Mariage Frere Teapot - Help!

Postby nytea » Oct 5th, '05, 22:43

Several years ago my husband had a business trip to Paris and brought me a Mariage Frere teapot. Unfortunately, the lid has broken and cannot be glued back together. Can I get a replacement lid in the US? Or anywhere? I tried the MF website but couldn't find the teapot I was looking for. Any ideas???

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Postby Marlene » Oct 6th, '05, 02:42

Um, make a lamp out of it? Use it as a watering pot, or a planter! Smash it all to bits, and use the pieces for a mosaic.
Seriously folks, try or They might have a sutible lid or maybe a banged up pot with a good lid. You could use the banged up pot for the items mentioned above. ;)
If you speak french well enough, you could try calling the company or e-mailing them. Sometimes they'll have so few of a piece in stock, they won't list it on the site.
Hope this helps!

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