Custom blends

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Custom blends

Postby henley » Jan 29th, '08, 17:55

So has anybody tried the custom blends yet? I got so much tea at Cmas it will be a while before I'm ready to reorder but anxious to hear some reviews.
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Postby Mary R » Jan 29th, '08, 18:01

I made a blend and ordered it. Adagio shipped it promptly, and it came in their smaller tin. If you upload an image to your blend, Adagio prints the image on the label, which is really fun.

As to the blendings...I liked mine. It was what I had thought it would taste like. I did have to shake the canister a bit, as I found the rooibos had sort of settled to the bottom...but it was quite good.
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Postby Tsukiko » Feb 8th, '08, 10:01

Yes! I've ordered 4 of the blends. 2 of my own, the Chocolate-Dipped Orange and Triple Apple Decaf and 2 created by others, the Almond Joy and Fruit N' Nuts. They're all delicious but I particularly enjoy the Almond Joy and Fruit N' Nuts teas. ^_^
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Postby skywarrior » Feb 18th, '08, 02:59

So far, I've ordered the Mexican Chocolate and the Creamy Chai that I developed. I was pretty amazed how good both ended up.

I haven't tried the other blends yet, but will probably do so.
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Postby Pentox » Feb 18th, '08, 03:33

Out of curiosity are you guys trying out your blends before you make them on Adagio or just going hm that sounds like it would be good and making the blend and ordering it?
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Postby Victoria » Feb 18th, '08, 04:49

I think most people are doing the latter.
Unfortunately it is not always a good thing.
Then you have to pay $10 to find out how bad it is.

Guess it would make sense to blend it at home first, but then ... you would have your product and wouldn't need to make it.
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Postby Tsukiko » Feb 18th, '08, 04:49

I've tried all of mine before.
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