It's a Wrap!

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It's a Wrap!

Postby chris » Oct 12th, '05, 15:54

We're proud to announce the newest addition to Adagio's stellar product lineup, individually-wrapped gourmet teabags. Combining the convenience of teabags, the quality of premium loose tea and the portability of an overwrapped bag, these are the perfect way to enjoy great tea even when you can't have an infuser on-hand.

Please view these offerings now-- we're offering a very limited-time "buy one get one free" sale!


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Postby Tadiera » Oct 12th, '05, 15:56

Will any other teas be added in the future? I would love to see Irish Breakfast myself. ;)

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Postby klemptor » Oct 12th, '05, 16:25

OK, I'm not trying to be picky, but a few things in the "description" section that you may want to fix:

"We hope you agree our bag tea is the latter."

There should be an "is" in there.

Available in nineteen varieties, with more to come.

I only see six varieties.

But I'm very excited - the decaf strawberry teabags that I got through the "Tea at Work" program are the perfect meld of proper tea-brewing functionality and ease for the office. I agree with Tad - I'd love to see Irish Breakfast in a teabag.

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Postby chris » Oct 12th, '05, 16:57

Guess we should be more careful when we cut and paste old copy, huh?

Thanks for the correction, K!


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