Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.


Postby angie » Jun 19th, '05, 09:41

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Living in Florida, I want to be able to have good ice tea. Preferably green tea. I've noticed that often when I brew tea and then place it in the fridge, it turns very cloudy and tastes different. (According to another posting, I may have been steeping too long.) Is there any other important aspects, such as the type of container that you store it in; plastic, glass, metal, etc? Or is there any other "rules" regarding going from hot to cold? Thanks! - Angie
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Postby chris » Jun 20th, '05, 10:26

Thanks for the post.

It may also be because you are not giving it enough "transition" time.... You shouldn't put it directly in the fridge after brewing, rather let it rest until it reaches room temperature, then put it into the fridge. This will not only reduce the cloudiness, but protect your pitcher from cracking caused by the dynamic temperature change!


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Postby PeteVu » Jul 15th, '05, 23:17

like i said in a different thread, try running your tea through ice and then put it in the fridge. Ive gotten good results doing this, but i would agree that a little patience and letting the tea sit out would be just as appropriate.

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Postby Ponderer » Oct 17th, '05, 23:27

If tea is cloudy, has it steeped too long, or is it a matter of individual taste?


Postby chris » Oct 18th, '05, 11:30

If the tea is cloudy, it usually just means that it is cooled too quickly.

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