Just dropping by from Kentucky to say "Hi"

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Just dropping by from Kentucky to say "Hi"

Postby TierOne » Mar 4th, '08, 17:06


I forget how I stumbled across this board, but I would just like to say hi and browse some threads!


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Postby hop_goblin » Mar 5th, '08, 08:59


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Postby Trey Winston » Mar 5th, '08, 09:27

Yes, welcome :D

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Postby fencerdenoctum » Mar 5th, '08, 16:59

Fellow Kentuckian,

Welcome To Teachat!

Hope you enjoy our little corner of the net!

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Postby Salsero » Mar 5th, '08, 18:29

Hello, TierOne, were always happy to have someone who can spell.

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Postby Wesli » Mar 5th, '08, 20:27

hahaha. what a funny avatar. welcome to the forum, TierOne.

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Postby TierOne » Mar 8th, '08, 21:06

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

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