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Another one here...

Postby BonBon » Mar 5th, '08, 00:41


I finally decided to join up with TeaChat after lurking about for a while now. I abandoned bagged tea a couple years ago, but still have too much to learn. Sometimes have to keep tea readings from interrupting my studies, but it's hard when this stuff is more interesting.

Anyway, wanted to say hi to everyone. Looks like a nice crowd around here. ;)
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Postby Eastree » Mar 5th, '08, 01:02

Hello and welcome!
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Postby hop_goblin » Mar 5th, '08, 10:00

Welcome to Tea Chat 8)
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Postby Trey Winston » Mar 5th, '08, 10:28

Welcome :D
Tea stuff is indeed interesting. I had no idea there was so much to learn.
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Postby xine » Mar 5th, '08, 12:27

welcome, welcome, welcome!!
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Postby Wesli » Mar 5th, '08, 12:43

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