Wednesday's TeaDay, 3/05/08

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How much did your most expensive brewing vessel cost?

Less than $10
Less than $20
Less than $30
Less than $40
Less than $50
Less than $75
Less than $100
Less than $125
Less than $150
Less than $175
Less than $200
More than $200
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Wednesday's TeaDay, 3/05/08

Postby Chip » Mar 5th, '08, 02:41

Another day, another TeaDay, more tea to enjoy, more cups to share.

Welcome to TeaDay, please make yourself at home and share what is in your cup throughout the day. While you are here, see what everyone else is sipping, vote in the daily poll, and discuss the topic of the day.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is how much was your most expensive TEA brewing vessel. The tea pot is often the most expensive teaware we own. So, what was your most expensive tea brewing vessel...and do you use it all the time, sometimes, never. I did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable by asking how much it cost, but if you want to, go for it.

Have a great TeaDay everyone!!!
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Postby fencerdenoctum » Mar 5th, '08, 03:26

My most expensive is my adagio glass pot. She's been there through rain and shine, though good times and bad.

Summer Darjeeling in the cup at 2am. Life is grand.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,
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Postby olivierco » Mar 5th, '08, 04:46

My most expensive is a gyokuro teapot, about 150-170$. I use it regularly.

But I am currently looking for a more classical hohin like this one


which could cost a little more because it seems to be difficult to find hohins. Any idea where I could buy a decent hohin?

This morning Yunnan Golden tips for breakfast
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Postby Space Samurai » Mar 5th, '08, 06:37

My Kabuse Ushirode, about 180.


Hokujo ftw.
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Postby TexasTea » Mar 5th, '08, 07:31

Most expensive teapot (so far!) is my 4 cup polish pottery teapot. At this moment it is half full of an herbal blend (tisane) called Women's Tea that I found at a local teashop. The other half of the tea is in the matching bubble mugs we're sipping from...
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Postby brandon » Mar 5th, '08, 07:40

My latest teapot came to about $140 all told.
Unfortunately this is likely to set off a habit that will surpass $200 in a matter of minutes.
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Postby Trey Winston » Mar 5th, '08, 09:26

10 bucks. I haven't spent much money on paraphernalia (yet), and I pretty much use any old cups and pots.
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Postby TimeforTea » Mar 5th, '08, 09:32

I spent between $15-$20 on my brewing vessels.

This morning I drank adagio's apricot green tea. (I wish I had more of the tea I drank yesterday at the tea room!)
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Postby jogrebe » Mar 5th, '08, 09:33

My most expensive teapot was my Zhuni Clay Yixing pot from Puerh Shop which was $29.65 before shipping.

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Postby LavenderPekoe » Mar 5th, '08, 12:22

My ingenuiTea! I have one other ceramic pot, but I am pretty sure it was still cheaper, like 10 or so.
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Postby TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 5th, '08, 12:23

Good morning all! My most expensive pot would have top be my Hagi Kyusu that I had specially ordered through Toru-San at To match it I also have a cup (yunomi) and a water cooling vessel (yuzamashi) (we wont even go into how much the whole set-up cost, but they are all from the same potter--Shibuya Deishi). The pot, before shipping was a little under $200 (he had some for about $70, but I had some specs that I wanted put into the pot). Even though shipping put it over $200, coming from Japan, the pot was not over that, therefore my answer for the pole is "less than $200"

*This morning I am drinking 2006 Wu's Reserve Ripe Pu-Erh out of my green dragon egg shaped 120ml (4. oz) Yixing

-Nick (TaiPing)
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Postby Chip » Mar 5th, '08, 12:58

I bought a bunch of teaware as a newbie 8 years ago. Included in this was 2 Iwachu Tetsubin pots, Jaenier glass pot, Yixing. It is good I did not have internet at home back then...yikes.

I believe my tetsubin would be my most expensive, around 80 bucks back then. This brand is much more costly today. Really nice tetsubin. But I do not generally use them, toooooo big. They are simply display pieces today, though I do envision using them.

Sencha Premium once again in my cup...a stellar brew.
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Postby Victoria » Mar 5th, '08, 12:59

Wow! Some very impressive pots there! For me under $40. I have my glass pot from Adagio and this little number I just picked up on eBay:


I started my morning at ome with Darjeeling #22. At work now, I moved up to Imperial TQY.

Have a lovely day all!
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Postby tenuki » Mar 5th, '08, 13:01

fortunately i've kept it under 100 so far. and my favorite YiXing I paid 11 dollars for, go figure.


FTL Baozhong 2007 winter pinling tea contest honorable mention - wow, nice
TH Ali Shan - my old standby, I love this tea.
Gyokuro from adagio - I'm finding I can tolerate greens again if I drink them with a meal.. yum.

The green I'm just having for fun, I'll go back to my alishan leaves once that fun is done and probably brew them all day as usual. the Baozhong only held my interest for a few brewings, some days it's like that, if I'm not paying attention 100% I probably better not bother with the top shelf baozhongs.
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Postby tenuki » Mar 5th, '08, 13:06

olivierco wrote:My most expensive is a gyokuro teapot, about 150-170$. I use it regularly.


Give that to ME now!!!
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