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One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Postby Salsero » Mar 7th, '08, 21:05

tenuki wrote:I admire you augie. :) thanks for sharing your experience
Same here, Augie. This has been a great thread!

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Postby augie » Mar 10th, '08, 21:44

ABx wrote:No worries, augie. Puerh isn't really made to be drank until it's 20+ years old. There are only a couple that I enjoy young, the rest I'm keeping for aging and my education along the way :) The bottom line is that a top quality young sheng may not be all that great for drinking when it's new, even if it is something that's interesting.

I'm all about instant gratification and living in the now! My other fault is that I am whatever the opposite of a "pack rat" is . . . I am not at all faithful to material possessions and hobies. Not sure where I will be 20 years from now, hopefully drinking tea. We are getting a piano delivered Wednesday, and I have no idea where I will put it. I've thrown away 3 bags of trash in a couple hrs, hopefully no tea.

'Nuki & Salsero: A very wise man once told me 22 years ago:
"the only stupid question is the one you do not ask . . ." (I know, he took that from another really smart person . . .)

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