GalaTea - Randhurst Mall, Mount Prospect, IL

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GalaTea - Randhurst Mall, Mount Prospect, IL

Postby hotfortea » Mar 14th, '08, 01:03

GalaTea is located in Randhurst Mall, Mount Prospect, IL and has an extensive selection of white, green, oolong, black, rooibos, herbal blends and exotic seasonal teas to please all tastes. They also carry Jenaer glass wares, Arita porcelain tea sets, and Testubin cast iron teapots, as well as many tea accoutrements.

The staff is very friendly and Sofia, the owner will share her knowledge and passion for tea.

GalaTea offers regular seminars on “The Culture of Tea”, “Tea Blending” and “Cooking with Tea.” Once a month they also provide afternoon tea.


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Postby CynTEAa » Mar 14th, '08, 10:38

Hi there!

Sounds like a great Tea-place! Please also feel free to post a review here:



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