I guess this is where we do the intro thing

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I guess this is where we do the intro thing

Postby Orange Crush » Mar 13th, '08, 06:44

New into tea, a friend of mine mentioned adagio a couple weeks ago, and I've been lurking and browsing, then finally joining and ordering.

I visited a local tea shop a couple weeks ago to start my foray into the world of real tea. My husband was not all that supportive at first, as I'm somewhat known to pick up and drop a new interest in a matter of days. But, as my initial tea purchase is already half gone and I'm still drinking...oh my gosh we'll just say countless cups each day, he's warmed to it a bit.

Before having "real tea," the only tea I've really enjoyed in the past has been oolong from Chinese restaurants. The Lipton tea my mother always drank when I was growing up makes me just want to gag it's so bitter. Of the four teas (jade oolong, a fruity green, pearls, and earl grey) I've tried so far, the only one I haven't enjoyed has been the jasmine pearls. I guess while flowers smell good, I just don't want to drink them lol.

Huge thanks to Chris at Adagio for helping me through my email issues (darned RR!) and I can't wait to get my 15 or so samples from fedex today. Looking forward to finding lots more wonderful tasty leaves with y'all.

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Re: I guess this is where we do the intro thing

Postby olivierco » Mar 13th, '08, 07:21

Welcome in the world of real tea.

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Postby Trey Winston » Mar 13th, '08, 07:30

What Olivierco said :D

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Postby hop_goblin » Mar 13th, '08, 09:24

Oh boy you are in for a ride! Welcome!

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Postby Victoria » Mar 13th, '08, 09:46

Welcome!! Be sure to stop by
TeaDay: The Daily Cup and Poll
and tell us what is in your cup today.

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Postby Chip » Mar 13th, '08, 21:12

Victoria wrote:Welcome!! Be sure to stop by
TeaDay: The Daily Cup and Poll
and tell us what is in your cup today.

What she said... :wink:

A warm welcome OC, I hope you share many cups with all of us!

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Postby Proinsias » Mar 13th, '08, 23:38


If you're still here in a few days time you'll have put a smile on my face, my wife has joined a good few forums and never managed a post more than 24hrs after joining.

If you want encouragement to get your tea habit out of control this seems to be the place to be.

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Postby Sam. » Mar 14th, '08, 01:06

Welcome! There's tons of great information on these forums so that you can learn many new things about tea!

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