orange tea

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

orange tea

Postby jtphda » Oct 26th, '05, 23:03

does anyone know wut orange tea is good for?
is it just flavor? :?:


Postby fpanko » Oct 26th, '05, 23:57

if it is, it's a good flavor.

some orange teas have C, especially herbal ones which contain rosehips

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Postby Bex » Sep 26th, '06, 05:57

Ive not done any research into this, but isnt it known that the aroma of oranges have the 'feel good' thing with them? I get a little dreary in the winter months and am going to go with the idea that a decent black tea is usually quite good in the morning. So I have a blood orange black tea that smells like something gliding through the gentle breeze on a sunny and bright summers day.

I shall experiment on myself. I plan to drink this in the mornings and then hopefully feel citrussy radiant and happy. So in this case - orange tea is a perfect combination if you ask me. Not just for flavour and vitamin C, but for one's winter wellbeing.

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Postby Madam Potts » Sep 26th, '06, 10:15

Well, do you mean an herbal infusion that has orange (where upon you would extract some Vitamin C) or an orange flavored black tea (wherein you owuld extract a favorite smell or taste but nothing substantially "beneficial" from the orange, though black tea has its own properties)...

Not a big fan of flvaroed black, I HAVE found that a cuppa black tea sipped while peeling and eating an orange is a wonderful pick me up. Not only from the caffeine in the tea, but peeling an orange releases an aromatherapeutic frangrance which relieves minor blues or sluggishness.


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