New Tea Accessory Health Tea Wand

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New Tea Accessory Health Tea Wand

Postby Andres » Sep 30th, '05, 17:35

A new tea acessory - The Health Tea Wand is a hand crafted, glass straw that brews and filters tea leaves, herbs, and infusions through specially designed strainer holes in the convenience of a cup. Simply add hot water to tea, steep, build flavor and sip to the very last drop through the Tea Wand. The portable wand is packaged in a carry case that contains a secret compartment to transport loose teas or herbs.


Postby teaspoon » Sep 30th, '05, 18:05

That's kinda cool... like a yerba mate straw (I can't remember what they're really called and I'm too lazy right now to look it up). I think I would only use it for herbals, though... leaving my tea leaves in while I drink my whole cup of tea, which for me takes a couple hours, might be a bit unpleasant. Ohh the bitterness... Cool idea though.


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at least humor us

Postby ilya » Sep 30th, '05, 18:14


Athough we don't have specific guidelines for TeaChat, the least you could do is humor us and disguise this self-promotional ad as a legitimate message. You might as well have stuck a banner into your post :)


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Postby Marlene » Sep 30th, '05, 21:45

This fellow has been posting his ads on RDFT, Afternoon Tea, and while i'm not a member, I'm sure s/he's tryed TeaMail too. S/He's been met with the same reaction every time.
Quit spaming, follwed by That doesn't seem very practical.
So Quit Spaming! Your straw Isn't Practical!

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Tea Straw

Postby Lana Y » Sep 30th, '05, 22:59

I don't wanna suck my tea...
A nice slow sip is what tea is all about
for me....

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Postby teaspoon » Oct 1st, '05, 02:07

Ooh, Lana, I think you just coined a new insult. "Suck my tea!!!" Heehee...


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the tea wand

Postby duckylife » Oct 13th, '05, 09:12

I really was curious about the tea wand --
thanks for your comments -- it has influenced my decision


Postby PeteVu » Oct 15th, '05, 21:55 its a glass straw? why would you want to leave the tea in your cup anyways? it would be come bitter.

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Postby RRR » Oct 27th, '05, 22:41

Wow -- it's like a tea mob in here...LOL. It seems like you all ganged up on him/her without even thinking about it! I actually tried something similar and it was awesome. You can enjoy tea and infusions that you blend yourself and don't have to use a kettle. I prefer it to tea bags.


Postby Marlene » Oct 28th, '05, 02:39

Well, we didn't exactly gang up. We just happen to all share the opinions that A: we don't like spammers and B: it's not very practical. to quote LannaY, I don't want to suck my tea...

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Postby teaspoon » Oct 28th, '05, 09:54

I totally thought about it, for at least five seconds! :lol: No seriously, I said it sounded like a cool idea, just not something I'd use.

To add to what Marlene said about it not being a practical idea, we all thought about it long enough to decide that it would produce a result that none of us like, that result being oversteeped tea. See, when you steep tea too long, it gets bitter, which is kinda nasty.


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Postby Tadiera » Oct 28th, '05, 10:27

I did look over the site, but I agree with the others. I like to wrap my hands around my mug and drink from it, controlling how much I sip at a time. Not chase down something akin to a straw, with which I have less control of the amount of liquid I get.

The idea is intriguing and likely good for some - just not us.

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