Thurday's TeaDay, 3/20/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

M-A-T-C-H-A, all the talk about it lately on the forum makes me wonder, have you tried it yet?

Yes, I "try it" every day several times
Yes, I am a Matcha-man/woman, having it more days than not
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Yes, I have Matcha occasionally
Yes, I have tried it
Yes, but never again
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No, but it is on my short list of things to try
No, and do not really care to try it
Total votes : 43

Thurday's TeaDay, 3/20/08

Postby Chip » Mar 20th, '08, 02:01

Good TeaDay fellow TeaChatters. What is in your cup today...all day. Please share with us what tea you enjoyed today. Check out what everyone else is drinking as well! So, stop by and post throughout the day. Moderator, I read posts about it possibly more than any tea on the entire forum. It seems like there is a matcha craze going on.

Thus today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. Please share your take on matcha. Love it...leave it. I am certain most have an opinion on matcha.

Have a great TeaDay everyone.
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Postby omegapd » Mar 20th, '08, 04:26

Hadn't tried it yet, but I'll probably get around to it one day...
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Postby olivierco » Mar 20th, '08, 07:56

I have matcha occasionally, let's say once a week, more during vacations. I drank a bowl yesterday.
I have been drinking matcha for a little less by two months. I only tried so far one matcha (Ocha Kaoru supreme) and I like its taste.

This morning Yunnan Golden tips and a Darjeeling Puttabong S.F.T.G.F.O.P.1 (the last Darjeeling I still have from 2007 harvest) is on the way.
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Matcha Milk Shake

Postby hop_goblin » Mar 20th, '08, 09:40

Last year, I had a friend who lives in Japan send me some "ceremonial grade" matcha, the stuff they don't export. It came in a tiny tin, tied in silk in a bamboo box. Being new to matcha, I had no idea what a true gem I had subsequently made a what I thought was a "normal" green tea milk shake! I only found out that it was a very expensive milk shake! :oops:
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Postby Victoria » Mar 20th, '08, 09:50

Yep had it yesterday in fact. I have two from O-Cha their Manten and the Organic Kaoru Supreme.

In my cup this morning is a blend from New Mexico Tea Company called Royal Bengal Tiger. A blend of Dimbula, Assam and cinnamon.

Have a lovely day all!
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Postby osadczuk » Mar 20th, '08, 11:29

Ive never had it, but with all the talk of it, I'm thinking I would love to try it.

No tea yet - tea after picking up new cat.
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Postby Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 20th, '08, 11:41

No matcha yet for me. I would like to try it some day, but right now I am content to stick with regular tea.

My first tea today was a sample of Victoria's Blend that is steeping as I type this. The dry leaves smelled very peachy so I am hoping the blend has a similar flavor.

osadczuk wrote:No tea yet - tea after picking up new cat.

Good luck with the new kitty, osadczuk!
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Postby Victoria » Mar 20th, '08, 12:07

CK, you might like my blend better on the second steep. That is when the Assam mellows out and the peach oolong blooms. I'll turn you into an oolong lover yet!

For me, now at work, another from the New Mexico Tea Co., this time their French blend. Yesterday I mis-stated this as Paris, it is actually called French Blend. A blend of black and green tea with roses & Laven.

osadczuk, congrats on your new kitty!
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Postby Pentox » Mar 20th, '08, 12:35

osadczuk wrote:Ive never had it, but with all the talk of it, I'm thinking I would love to try it.

No tea yet - tea after picking up new cat.

Heh, isn't your avatar a pile of matcha powder though? :P

I have it every so often.
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Postby insanitylater » Mar 20th, '08, 12:57

i've only had matcha in that rot double green matcha tea. i really want to try the real thing

also i might be shot for this but a minimal amount is in that starbucks green tea latte and i have tried it. it's mostly sugar though

i just woke up so i'm having some yerba mate with my brunch
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Postby Chip » Mar 20th, '08, 14:25

I had matcha yesterday, I have it occasionally, but imagine I might have it with much more frequency at some point in the furure. But for now, it is a special time when I have it.

I do more frequently blend matcha with kukicha and/or sencha for a unique cup. I am sure it is much better than the RoT offering...and fun to blend as well.

Today, I am having Tokusen sencha from Ono prefecture. This was my best attempt at this enigmatic sencha. A very odd sencha and not for the faint of heart. I am hard pressed to describe the flavor, very unlike any other I have had. It is not the smoothest nor the most even flavored sencha.

Did anyone notice the TeaChat milestone yesterday...30,000 posts. This averages out to 22 posts per posting member (1,340 members who have posted). Clearly some members posted more than their fair share. :wink:
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Postby Wesli » Mar 20th, '08, 14:35

Mehhh. Matcha is good, but I'd rather have a nice, hot cup of sencha, gyokuro, or tamryokucha.

-Just had a cup of Monk's Choice. Probably the best second-flush I've had.
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Postby tenuki » Mar 20th, '08, 14:46

Restless tea day today - already started 3 different teas, and discarded them after the second brew. 'I can't get no... satisfaction...'
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Postby witches brew » Mar 20th, '08, 15:04

No matcha for me. My tea drinking is constrained by what is naturally caffeine-free or decaf, and matcha is neither.

Wild Sweet Orange in my cup. It's one of the few teabags I like, and it has a good blend of citrus to ward off the cold that is trying to overtake me.
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