Cheerful wave from British Columbia, Canada

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Cheerful wave from British Columbia, Canada

Postby chamekke » Apr 7th, '08, 00:54

Hello everyone! I'm another green tea lover* from north of the border. My favourite teas are sencha and matcha, but I also love high mountain Oolong. I study Chadou (Japanese tea ceremony) and am a total Way of Tea nerd*, but I still have tons to learn. I'm willing to share what I know, and especially eager to learn more - e.g. about the many amazing Chinese teas and how to prepare them.

*Come to think of it, this could mean that I'm either a green (i.e. inexperienced) tea-lover or a green-tea lover. Maybe both.
** <confession> Am also the Imelda Marcos of teabowls </confession>

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Postby olivierco » Apr 7th, '08, 01:18

Total Way of Tea nerd, it seems that you found the right place...
Welcome to Teachat!

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Postby Chip » Apr 7th, '08, 01:56

Hi again Chamekke. You will fit in here quite well. I am a huge fan of Japanese teas and high mountain greener oolongs. Now don't forget to visit TeaDay and share what is in your cup.

We want to hear more about your collection as well!!!!!!

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