wEdnEsdAy tEAdAy 4/09/08

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Music and TEA, are they perfect together for you?

Yes, I listen to music while drinking tea as much as possible
Yes, I often listen to music and enjoy my tea
Yes, I sometimes listen to music while sipping tea
No, but it sounds like a great idea
No, I do not listen to music while enjoying me tea
Nope, I do not want music playing period...while I enjoy my quiet moments with tea
Total votes: 55

wEdnEsdAy tEAdAy 4/09/08

Postby Chip » Apr 9th, '08, 03:15

Interesting...while in a previous poll, 90% of responders indicated that they were drinking their tea alone that day. Yesterday's poll indicated that 80% would prefer to drink their tea alone at least some times. It seems like tea drinking can be very solitary. You can still check out and vote in yesterday's poll as well as post.

Good day TeaChatters and welcome to TeaDay. Pour a pot and come share what is in your cup as you are able. Stop back and give us updates as well. If you must, reflect back on the day. Be sure to read what others are drinking as well.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic should be very interesting. I have received many suggestions to do this one, but I struggled how to format it into a poll. So, I went a very simple route, but ask for you to share more here. Do you listen to music while drinking tea. And what music do you prefer...does it change from tea to tea?

I suspect this will be a very interesting topic and we will get to know a little bit about one another as is these topics I enjoy the most.

I hope to see you on TeaDay and hope it is filled with most enjoyable teas.
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Postby Trioxin » Apr 9th, '08, 04:09

Strangely enough, I've never listened to music while drinking tea. I'm normally watching cartoons or surfing the web for tea. I'm basically a thirty two year old child.

Currently on my fourth infusion of Singbulli Silver Tips SFTGFOP FF Darjeeling.

And... wearing yet another fragrance with a tea base. Creed Silver Mountain Water (trying to start a trend here)
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Postby Terrasi » Apr 9th, '08, 04:14

I'm usually busy while tea drinking (watching tv is hard work), so no music here, but willing to try.

Nothing in my cup now, how sad...

I'll make some vanilla rooibos, sounds tasty.
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Postby omegapd » Apr 9th, '08, 04:35

Never. I use music and the tv as background noise mainly. When I'm able to sit down and relax with tea, I want it as quiet as possible...
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Postby Victoria » Apr 9th, '08, 05:39

No music, no noise. Period.
I enjoy my quiet moments with tea.
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Postby Trey Winston » Apr 9th, '08, 05:41

I think some types of music go well with enjoying tea, preferably calm lounge stuff or traditional Japanese music with koto and shakuhachi. I usually have some music on in the background when I work and drink my white tea, like today.
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Postby olivierco » Apr 9th, '08, 06:44

I am listing to music quite all day and I don't turn it off for tea. Anyway there isn't any association for me between tea and music.

This morning keemun for breakfast (listening Megadeth: Live in Buenos Aires) and now houjicha for lunch (listening Ligeti: Musica Ricercata)

By the way I have just received
I only read some pages, but it seems to be a good not too pricy (20$) book with many informations, but not too specific on Tea ceremony.
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Postby Carnelian » Apr 9th, '08, 07:36

I try and listen to music while doing pretty much anything, including drinking tea. I even drink tea in band class.
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Need another poll option

Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 9th, '08, 08:19

I need an, "If it happens to be on" option in this poll. I'm not averse to listening to music while drinking tea and sometimes really enjoy it. But it's not a necessity. I drink tea all day, no matter what is happening, where I am, what's going on. My favorite moments are solitary, on my deck, in my rocker. But those are few and far between.

This morning, as always, it's Irish Breakfast, brewed strong.
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Postby GalileosDaughter » Apr 9th, '08, 09:25

I drink tea all day long, in all kinds of noisy situations. It helps to calm me.

Wearing L'air du desert marocain today.

Edit: Forgot to add that I'm drinking Darjeeling #22. Thanks Vic!
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Postby Victoria » Apr 9th, '08, 09:58

You are welcome GD!!

In my cup this morning Lychee Black.

On my bod - L'Erbolario Te Verde
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Postby auggy » Apr 9th, '08, 10:03

No music for me while drinking tea. I really only listen to music as background noise at work or while driving or sometimes napping out in the sun. If I just tried to sit and drink tea while listening to something, I would get distracted and antsy. I'm too visual so I need to be looking at something. Which is usually my laptop screen while I'm drinking tea.

Golden monkey today as recommended by Chip. It's... interesting. I'm not sure what I think of it. It's so different from black teas I'm used to but I'm still not sure if I like it. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that one of the most important things for me in a tea is if it has a sweet aftertaste (preferably natural and not sugar induced). Is that weird?
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Postby TimeforTea » Apr 9th, '08, 10:03

Yes, I will sometimes listen to music while drinking tea. It makes it all the more pleasurable. I love music, and will listen to music while sipping tea in the car sometimes. When I have my evening rooibos, I will sometimes have music on as well. I like a wide-variety of music. However, when I drink tea, I like to listen to soothing music.

This morning I drank apricot green--no music, though.
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Postby fencerdenoctum » Apr 9th, '08, 10:31

When I fire up the kettle, I usually turn on some music that fits the tea I'm drinking. For Matcha or sencha I might turn on some Shakuhachi tunes or traditional Japanese music (rock on Trey!)

For most others I turn on classical to get that Victorian feel.

Sipping sencha from my new chawan and listening to Foreigner.

*top hat and monocle*

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Postby chamekke » Apr 9th, '08, 10:47

I'm with both fencerdenoctum and Trey! There's nothing that suits the drinking of Japanese sencha more than some koto and shakuhachi. (Except maybe some William Byrd.)

But silence - or maybe some ambient birdsong - works nicely, too.
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