frIdAy tEAdAy 4/11/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Simply put, is there someone on TeaChat who has been a TeaMentor, TeaGuide, or strongly influenced you on your TeaJourney?

Most definitely yes
I don't think so
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frIdAy tEAdAy 4/11/08

Postby Chip » Apr 11th, '08, 05:23

Yesterday, 74% of responders indicatated possession of at least one tea book!!! It was interesting hearing about all the different tea books TeaChatters have. You may still vote/post on yesterday's topic of TeaBooks.

Welcome to what is my favorite day for TeaDays, Friday. I hope we can do some serious tea drinking today. Be sure to visit throughout your day and share what is in your cup. Of course, if you need to you can reflect back on your TeaDay. Make sure while you are here to see what other TeaChatters are sipping as well!

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is about "other people" on TeaChat who have influenced you in a positive way or mentored you on your TeaJourney. Pay homage to those who have helped you along the way. You do not have to mention names if that makes you feel uncomfortable...perhaps instead share how this person has helped you. Don't be shy!

I am looking forward to sharing Friday with all of you...have a great TeaDay...
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Postby Trey Winston » Apr 11th, '08, 06:02

I don't think I could single out any one person, but TeaChat as a collective of knowledgable people has certainly influenced many aspects of my tea interest.

White tea as usual today.
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Postby tenuki » Apr 11th, '08, 06:09

I try not to be influenced by my pretend friends.


No Harvey, I wouldn't forget to give you credit!!! Pookas have feelings to!
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Postby omegapd » Apr 11th, '08, 06:51

Victoria helped me out with Oolongs. :lol:

Finishing up my 2nd steep of Adagio's Genmai Cha. Pretty good stuff but no noticeable difference between the 2 steeps. Which may be a good thing...

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Postby olivierco » Apr 11th, '08, 06:52

I had been drinking tea for many years before joining Teachat. So the answer is no.

But I learned a lot here. It is also comforting to see that I am not the only one to find it quite normal to spend money on teaware...

This morning Keemun and now houjicha with my lunch.
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Postby chrl42 » Apr 11th, '08, 08:01

Everyone worldwide who's devoted to tea could be called my mentor..

Trying to figure out taste difference between Sui Jin Gui and Tie Luo Han these days..
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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 11th, '08, 08:14

I had to answer "No" to a specific person, but I will say that I have learned a *ton* just surfing around the forums.

Irish Breakfast, as always, this morning. And I read the suggestions of milk in it and all I can say is ... blech! :) But, hey, I'm a southern girl and the idea of milk in my tea is a complete anathema to me.
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Postby TimeforTea » Apr 11th, '08, 08:21

Definitely, yes. As a whole, the enthusiasm, friendliness, and helpfulness of those in the teachat community has been very influential in my tea journey. I've also made a couple of friends with whom I am enjoying regular correspondence with. :D

This morning, I had citron green in my new leaves of grass cup from New Mexico Tea Co.:
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Postby Beanbean » Apr 11th, '08, 08:59

I don't think I've been here long enough to single out a single helpful person but so far, with the exception of the porn spammer, everyone has been very kind and helpful. I like it here.

I am just about to pour my first cup of Grace Darjeeling for the day.
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Postby Victoria » Apr 11th, '08, 09:11

Most definitely yes! China Black in my cup this morning - thanks omegapd
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Postby Mary R » Apr 11th, '08, 09:20

Of course I've been mentored! And I can name names! I owe a huge thank you to Chip, Sal, Space, Hop, Scruff, EO, Andy, Wes, Jamie, and Phyll (wherever he is). They've all influenced the teas I drink and the ways I've learned to brew...and lately they've been denting my bank account through their influence in teaware! Wonderful friends, all.
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Postby RussianSoul » Apr 11th, '08, 09:31

So many people have been helpful, held my hand, answered my questions, offered advice and sent teas! LavenderPekoe, Mary, Chip, Victoria, hop_goblin, scruffmcgruff, ABx are just a few names. I am sure there were more and there will be more in future. Thank you all!

Irish Breakfast in my cup, just about finished and getting ready for a second steep.
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Postby olivierco » Apr 11th, '08, 09:45

Teasweetie wrote:This morning, I had citron green in my new leaves of grass cup from New Mexico Tea Co.:

Nice cups. I hope you won't catch teaware fever...

Sencha Kaboku (Ippodo) earlier in the afternoon. And now Yunnan Golden tips.
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Postby xine » Apr 11th, '08, 11:00

everyone's been awesome on the boards- I have learned a great deal, and consider tea chatters part of my tea-edu-ma-cay-shun.

Having a sample of a first flush darjeeling. Not very good, and is very flat. :/ Will have some TKY.
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Postby Space Samurai » Apr 11th, '08, 11:06

Chip sensei led me down the path to Japanese tea. I didn't like it at first, but with his help I learned to brew it properly and now that's almost all I drink

Hop, my pu guru has been most kind.

Hop, Scruff, Mary, EO, and Marshal were the ones who got me started blogging. When I joined TeaChat a year ago, they were doing it and it looked like fun. It has been something that's brought me a lot of joy. Thanks guys.

Gonna drink some matcha now.
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