Swedish Tea Nerd says Hi!

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Swedish Tea Nerd says Hi!

Postby Beidao » Apr 12th, '08, 15:37

Hello! I am a newbie tea nerd wanting to introduce myself. It all started with an anonymus comment on my blog, critisizing me for drinking to much flavored tea. Now I'm drinking only loose leaf, none flavored teas and spend all my free time reading tea blogs. Since there only two good Swedish tea blogs I've started reading English ones and quickly found this forum. Every day gives me more teaspiration and my biggest dream is to work in a tea shop. I think I will have a really good time here with my fellow tea lovers since no one in the real world understands me :(

Wish the best to all of you - Beidao
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Postby olivierco » Apr 12th, '08, 15:43

Welcome here!

Share what is in your cup on Teaday! TeaDay!
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Postby Wesli » Apr 12th, '08, 15:44

Hey swedish tea nerd!
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Postby Trey Winston » Apr 12th, '08, 17:15

Hi, neighbor :D
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Postby eponine454 » Apr 12th, '08, 18:06

Welcome!! I'm new too, but this seems like a pretty fun group of people. :)
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Postby auggy » Apr 12th, '08, 18:40

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Postby Beidao » Apr 13th, '08, 05:46

Thanks, I fell very welcomed by you all!

Og hei nabo!
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Postby Chip » Apr 26th, '08, 03:27

Sorry for the very late hello and welcome to TeaChat! Good to see you already active on the forum. To many cups for may years!!
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