Tuuzday, TeaDay, 4/15/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

I guess Spring made me wonder, have your TeaTastes changed since last Spring?

Yes, quite a bit
Yes, somewhat
Yes, actually I am in a state of flux right now...or always
No, not really, I don't think so
No, definitely not
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Tuuzday, TeaDay, 4/15/08

Postby Chip » Apr 15th, '08, 03:00

Yesterday, the vast majority of responders voted that they did not keep a written inventory of their teas. But that did not slow the posting as it was a particularly brisk Monday on TeaDay with 67 posts at this writing. You may still vote and post in yesterday's poll/topic.

Welcome to TeaDay, one and all. If you are new to TeaChat, please join in. Pour a pot and share what is in your cup today, all day...so stop back and give updates. If you need to, you can also reflect back on your TeaDay. While you are here, be sure to check out what everyone else is sipping today.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is Spring inspired...in an abstract way. Have you changed your TeaTastes since last Spring? Yes, No, Maybe, or are you in constant state of flux? Share with us how your tastes have...or have not changed during this period.

I am looking forward to hearing about your TeaDays.

Oh, happy tax day... :roll:
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Postby olivierco » Apr 15th, '08, 03:06

More japanese green teas since last spring and I added matcha on my tealist.
I made a pause in my Puer and oolong drinking, but as gong fu takes some time, summer (school is out for 9 weeks in France) is the best gong fu season for me.

This morning Keemun for breakfast.
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Postby trent » Apr 15th, '08, 03:13

My TeaTastes have definitely changed. Around this time last spring, I didn't even know what oolong and pu erh were. I was just being introduced to quality japanese greens by my japanese neighbors who generously gave my family some fukamushi sencha from their grandfather's tea farm.

japanese greens remain my favorite, but my tastes have expanded towards learning gong fu cha.
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Postby Trey Winston » Apr 15th, '08, 03:28

Last year about this time, I was drinking green tea, but I only discovered white tea over the summer. I still enjoy green tea, but white is the tea I drink the most now. So yes, my tea tastes have changed, as illustrated by today's brew of silver needle.
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Postby Terrasi » Apr 15th, '08, 04:09

My tastes have changed A LOT ( shown by the yunnan gold in my cup- third steep ) since last spring. I believe I was still drinking earl gray tea bags and going to the chinese restaurant downtown to get some of that mystery tea I liked so much.

I knew I liked tea, but I did not yet know I LOVED tea.

Oh how my taste for tea/life has changed.
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Postby augie » Apr 15th, '08, 06:21

Last spring it was Oolong and pu ehr. Then, after hating the "grasslike qualities" of green tea, I decided to try it again and loved it. So, I bought a tokoname teapot.
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Postby CynTEAa » Apr 15th, '08, 07:44

Yunnan Gold to start the day as usual. My tea tastes are fairly stable with the occasional passing fancy. :)
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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 15th, '08, 07:45

Last spring, it was the occasional Irish Breakfast on a hearty diet of coffee. Now, it's no coffee whatever and lots of greens.
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Postby Beanbean » Apr 15th, '08, 08:30

No, not really. I keep trying new teas and different varieties but at the bottom of it all, I like black tea. I have discovered Yunnan Gold which was a wonderful discovery but for greens and oolongs...they are fine and I like (most of) them well enough but they will never be the first thing I reach for in the morning.

This morning, a big cup of Assam. 8)
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Postby chrl42 » Apr 15th, '08, 08:36

I was a huge fan of green tea and white tea. It's been just a year since I discovered the great world of Wuyi cliff tea.
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Postby henley » Apr 15th, '08, 09:36

My immediate response to this question was, "No--I still drink black tea so nothing's changed". However, after really thinking about it, my taste has changed/grown since last Spring. I discovered TeaChat in August of last year. Before that I was content using Bigelow tea bags from the grocery store. Now I have all of you to thank/blame :wink: for my obsession with loose leaf tea. I was amazed at the difference it really makes. In addition to that, I've discovered oolong & rooibos. Haven't found any greens or whites I like but there really has been a lot of change since Spring of last year!

In the pot this morning is vanilla mint. Off to have another cup.
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Postby Victoria » Apr 15th, '08, 09:38

Most definitely! I'm still an oolong girl but now I drink the good stuff.

In my cup this monring a nice blended black tea Hong Piao Xiang, thanks Salsero.

Have a nice day all!
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Postby omegapd » Apr 15th, '08, 09:43

Like Thinkingoutloud, my habit was coffee with the occasional cup of hot tea. A couple of years before that, it was all hot tea with the occasional cup of coffee. Kind of goes in cycles for me, I guess.

If I just quit posting here one day, you'll know why... :wink:

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Postby Beidao » Apr 15th, '08, 09:48

Since last spring I've tasted pu ehr for the first time, unflavoured white tea for the first time, oolong for the first time... A year ago I drank bag tea, often flavoured ones like Ananas Vanilla, Rose or Yogiteas with a taste of liqorice or chocolate. I also remember loving a tea with coconut, vanilla and cocoa tea. I drank very much herbal tea and when I had loose tea it was English Breakfast.

Now I drink loose tea, mostly without flavours. I buy my teas from tea shops, not from the supermarket.

Today I've been drinking Darjeeling for breakfast and am now doing my third cup of Bai Mu Dan. Later on I think I will have some Yunnan or maybe Keemun. Yummy!
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Postby Victoria » Apr 15th, '08, 09:53

omegapd wrote:Like Thinkingoutloud, my habit was coffee with the occasional cup of hot tea. A couple of years before that, it was all hot tea with the occasional cup of coffee. Kind of goes in cycles for me, I guess.

If I just quit posting here one day, you'll know why... :wink:


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