Oolong Identification (Alternative Source)

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Oolong Identification (Alternative Source)

Postby motokochan » Apr 17th, '08, 15:46

I'm trying to better identify an oolong that my mother likes. The place we've found it has been the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but it is over twice the cost of their other teas ($15.20 for 2oz loose). I'd like to find at least one other supplier at least, or know more about the tea.

CBTL calls it "Fancy Formosa Dragon Oolong". According to their label (and confirmed by drinking), it has a floral scent and has a light peach taste to it. Also, the package notes that the leaves are air dried.

The leaves themselves are whole and often bits of the stems are left on. Some of the leaves have a bit of a silver tip.

I can post pictures if you think it will help.
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Postby olivierco » Apr 17th, '08, 15:53

If it is really good, 15$ for 2oz isn't very expensive. With 2 oz you can have at least 10 cups of tea (not counting multiple steeps).

I guess some oolong specialist will be able to give you more help.
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Postby Victoria » Apr 17th, '08, 16:05

You might like Adagio's Oolong #40

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