Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.


Postby omegapd » Apr 18th, '08, 09:24

Hi All,

I'll admit to liking a few cheap bagged teas that seem to never leave my rotation (Red Rose) and I figure I can't be the only one here. :lol:

I think I can pretty much thank Twinings for keeping me a tea drinker over the years. Even when I got into better quality loose leaf tea- or what I thought was better quality loose leaf tea like Stash- Twinings Irish Breakfast always seemed to hit the spot for me and I'd be happy to drink it every morning from here on out.

So, anybody else? Do you like Twinings offerings or hate them?

Just curious,


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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 18th, '08, 09:35

I can't admit to liking Twinings all that much, but I will say that my Mom had these tea bags given to her from a friend in Scottland that were *heavenly*. I would give my eye tooth for more of those.

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Postby henley » Apr 18th, '08, 09:54

Twinings was never one of my favorites but I do still have some Bigelow bags on hand. I was able to get rid of most of them as party favors for my daughter's bday tea party last year but there's still a few lurkers. I have a hard time throwing tea away, even if it is bagged. Maybe I'll send them to Chip for his tea baths. :twisted:

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Postby Ron Gilmour » Apr 20th, '08, 17:43

Thanks, omegapd. It's good to know there's someone else here willing to give Twinings some respect.

My favorite is their "Prince of Wales" blend. I almost always have a tin of this on hand. They bill it as a light afternoon tea, but I like to make it strong and drink it with milk for breakfast.

I also share your affection for their Irish Breakfast, which is probably my favorite tea in a bag. Just FYI, though, I think the Irish Breakfast is just CTC Assam, which you can buy at any Indian grocery much cheaper than what you'll pay for Twinings.

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Postby witches brew » Apr 20th, '08, 17:56

OK, so it's not Twinings, but I enjoy the occasional teabag of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange. It's a tisane blend, and tisanes don't suffer in bagging as much as teas do.

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Postby osadczuk » Apr 21st, '08, 00:22

I had a Twinings sampler pack sitting around and was blown away by the Prince of Wales. I just got my Amazon order of it loose leaf (I couldn't find a local supplier to save my life.) I was expecting massacred leave from some of the talk that I have heard, but the leaves are in pretty decent shape and the tea is wonderful.

So, yeah, I love the Twinings.

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Twinings Tea

Postby To A Tea » Apr 21st, '08, 14:18

If I have to drink bagged tea at home, it is always Twinings, though I prefer loose tea. At work all we have is Bigelow, so I drink that because it's free!

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Postby Beanbean » Apr 21st, '08, 22:09

When we go camping I always bring tea bags because they really cut down on the hassle factor. Usually I bring McGrath's Irish breakfast but if I can't find that, I bring Twinings Irish Breakfast.

I have a friend in Australia who keeps me supplied in vegemite and Billy Tea so I will also bring the Billy camping as well.

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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 22nd, '08, 07:37

Beanbean wrote:I have a friend in Australia who keeps me supplied in vegemite and Billy Tea so I will also bring the Billy camping as well.

Vegemite! Egads! :o I tried that stuff once and, heavens almighty, I can still taste how vile it was. On a recent episode of Top Chef, Rocco DiSpirito called it something like, "one of the most unpleasant tastes there is" (I'm paraphrasing) when the Aussie contestant used it, to much success, I will admit. Lord love ya' for liking it! :)

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Postby Thirsty Daruma » May 9th, '08, 14:18

Bagged "teas" appear late at night when I want something decaffeinated but hot. So far, Numi's Gunpowder Green and a few of the dark Twinings teas top my list of favorite regular bagged teas. I keep those for work, since a fancy mug and loose leaf would earn me the ire of my co-workers.

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Postby yeehaw » Jun 5th, '08, 04:27

I drink a wide variety of tea, but I must say that if it wasn't for Twinings Irish Breakfast I probably wouldn't be the tea drinker I am today. I remember being a boy of about 13-14 going to the store with my mom. She was buying her coffee and I noticed the tea section. I'm not sure why my gaze fell to the the Irish Breakfast, but it did. My mom didn't drink tea, but agreed to buy the a box. I thought it was wonderful. To this day, it is among my favored teas. It may not be the best tea, but the flavor always reminds me of good times. Twinings sparked my interest in tea, and I've been learning and tasting ever since.

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Postby Riene » Jun 21st, '08, 14:31

I like Twinnings Irish Breakfast and Prince of Wales teas. I keep a box of Twinnings teabags at work because I rarely have time to prepare tea properly. I'll take the tin, a pot, and a mesh basket on trips, though.

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Postby elchai » Jun 23rd, '08, 10:39

Im just switching from teabags to loose tea, and I have tried alot of the teabags. Twinings and Stash are my favorites.

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Postby omegapd » Jun 24th, '08, 16:27

The largest I've seen is the 50 bag boxes. Give Twinings an email and see if they sell it in larger quantities.

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