Rose Petal Tea

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Rose Petal Tea

Postby Teatime » Nov 3rd, '05, 13:55

I use to drink a tea called Rose Petal tea. It was from the Republic of Tea. It was a black tea with rose buds/petals mixed in the leaves.

It was a very good tea with a subtle rose scent and taste.

Does Adagio carry a similar tea?


Postby chris » Nov 3rd, '05, 14:04

Thanks for the note.

Not at this time, no.

Will gladly look into it, though!


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Postby Marlene » Nov 3rd, '05, 14:41

Oooo! I'd love it if Adagio had a rose congu!
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Postby claratea » Nov 12th, '05, 01:02

YES, Republic of Tea's rose petal tea is divine!! I would go so far as to say that it is my Favorite tea-- and that is saying a lot!!

Tried it at an out-of-town party one night, and lost sleep for about a month trying to find it (it is a "limited edition" tea, in stock only occasionally). Thankfully, my search eventually turned up successful.

Adagio should sell this! --I'd much rather buy from you guys than Republic.

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Rose Petal Tea

Postby Teatime » Nov 12th, '05, 10:50

I second that!!!!


Postby PeteVu » Nov 12th, '05, 11:36

wow im really gonna have to try this one out. I usually see republic of tea at whole foods, but i got the impression that its bagged... is this true?
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Postby LavenderPekoe » Nov 13th, '05, 11:30

Pete - RoT has both bagged and loose teas, you have to read the label near the bottom. Their bagged tea isn't the worst you can do with bagged teas, either, but definately not the best.
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