New look for the Holidays

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New look for the Holidays

Postby chris » Nov 14th, '05, 16:44

Notice anything different about Adagio?

No, we didn't get a haircut.

We fancied up the homepage to prepare for the holidays!

Please visit our holiday homepage now.... you won't be able to help but feel jolly.

Spreading holiday cheer,

Adagio Maestro

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Postby klemptor » Nov 14th, '05, 17:22

It's very merry!

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Postby Serenity » Nov 14th, '05, 19:01

The Snowman is fabulous!!!

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Postby teaspoon » Nov 14th, '05, 19:30

Makes me wish even more that it was Christmas time already! Snow! Snowmen! I want it!


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Postby Teatime » Nov 14th, '05, 19:44

Very festive!!!



Postby teamuse » Nov 15th, '05, 13:25

very nice!

now you have me trying to figure out how to contruct such a lovely snowman of my own

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Postby Tadiera » Nov 15th, '05, 13:54

I am not so much on the snow myself. My hands get so cold!
But, that snowman is adorable. I want one.

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Postby Jeanne711 » Nov 15th, '05, 23:44


Love how you decked out Adagio's front door. I bet you could sell a sleigh full of the snowman and then some!

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