Friday is TeaDay 4/25/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Chamekke has a philosophical question. If you were a tea, what kind of tea would you be? She is NOT asking for your fav tea.

A black
An oolong
A green
A white
A yellow
No votes
A pu-erh
A flavored
No votes
No votes
No votes
A flowering tea
Total votes: 48

Friday is TeaDay 4/25/08

Postby Chip » Apr 25th, '08, 04:32

Yesterday, responders indicated a lot of interest in TeaChat. The most votes went to "I can quit anytime I want, really! I just don't want to," not sure I believe them. :wink: 10 responders indicated they were seriously addicted to TC!!! You may still vote and discuss yesterday's topic. (BTW, 72 discussion replies!)

Also, yesterday had to be a near record day for posts for TeaChat. I literally could not keep up. Fortunately, spammers are not getting onto the forum now. So, I finally relaxed and watched the forum come alive. It was amazing!!!

Welcome everyone to TeaDay!!! I mean everyone. So, fill a pot of tea and come share what is in your cup now and through out the day. Post as often as you want. While you are here, be sure to see what is in everyone's cup as well! That is at least half the fun. If you must, you can also reflect back on your TeaDay...

Today's TeaPoll was suggested by Chamekke. It can be philosophical, but it can be simply fun if you choose. If you were a tea, what would it be? She is not asking what is your favorite, but what would you BE. So, share with everyone today on TeaDay.

I look forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay today!!!
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Postby trent » Apr 25th, '08, 04:33

Not just any green, a japanese green - fukamushi.
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Postby Trioxin » Apr 25th, '08, 04:49

I'd definitely be a pu-erh. Dirty and offensive.

What's in my cup? I'm not really sure...
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Postby Terrasi » Apr 25th, '08, 05:25

I'd be an oolong, because oolongs can really vary (not that I'm saying other teas can't). An oolong can be closer to black or closer to green. I could never be green, I always forget to recycle.
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Postby omegapd » Apr 25th, '08, 05:55

I think this is the first time I have not been able to come up with an answer to a TeaDay question...

New Mexico TC Ginseng Oolong this morning for a couple steeps. Not going to be a favorite, though...

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Postby olivierco » Apr 25th, '08, 06:02

This morning Yunann golden tips and I won't be able to have have my next tea before 6pm.

I am perplex with what to answer to this poll.
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Postby Trey Winston » Apr 25th, '08, 06:27

I know precisely what to answer, but I don't know why: green.

But white is in my cup.
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Postby augie » Apr 25th, '08, 06:35

olivierco wrote:I am perplex with what to answer to this poll.

Me too, I just don't want to be tea. Stand back and admire, though.

Drinking coffee right now until I am alert enough to make good tea. Thank Goodness it's Friday!
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Postby Sydney » Apr 25th, '08, 07:49

Trioxin wrote:I'd definitely be a pu-erh. Dirty and offensive.

Pu here, too.

I'm 37 years old, complex, and need a good rinse.
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Postby TimeforTea » Apr 25th, '08, 08:02

Interesting. A philosophical tea question! If I were a tea, I would be a green tea: simple, down to earth, unprocessed, nothing superficial added.

This morning I brewed Victoria's Blend (thanks, Cinnamon Kitty!). The 1st steep was very smooth, satisfying, and tasty...especially for a dark brew! :wink: I was hoping to taste more peach in the 2nd blend. However, it came out kind of bitter or astringent. I used 8 ounces and 2 tsp., just off boiling, for 2 minutes for the 2nd steep.

I'm not sure if my parameters were off, or if it was because of the UtiliTEA. I try to make it just off boiling, as Victoria suggests. However, I find with the UtiliTEA, my dial always bounces between green and red to one or the other and will not stay in between. Does anyone else experience this?

Cinnamon Kitty, I hope my tea package arrives today! Thank you for being patient through my stomach flu! :)
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Postby ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 25th, '08, 08:49

White: subtle, generally unappreciated complexity
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Postby Aphroditea » Apr 25th, '08, 09:38

Now, technically I asked the question. Chamekke asked what kind of tea Sartre would be. (I think the current answer to that question is orange pekoe)

Then I turned it around and asked Chamekke (who then asked for it to be a poll) - just getting history straight. :wink:

I answered already on ThatOtherThread(tm): Foxtrot, because I am complex yet playful.

This morning my cup contains Oriental Spice with honey and milk. Hmmm...chai :D
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Postby witches brew » Apr 25th, '08, 10:47

I believe I would be a white tea: subtle, slightly mysterious, and a bit complex for the common palate to comprehend.

In my cup this morning, the dregs of my favorite Rooibos Tropica. It's time to pour another cup and get back to work.
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Postby auggy » Apr 25th, '08, 11:36

I picked flavored. Not all that complex or high class. Sometimes a little obnoxious. And I smell pretty. :lol:

Took a stab at citron green again this morning since no one wants to teaswap it with me. Used less leaf so it wasn't like drinking the milk after a bowl of Fruity Pebbles again, but I still kept thinking of cereal. I liked it better than last time, but still not sure if I liked it.
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Postby chamekke » Apr 25th, '08, 11:40

I was going to say matcha for koicha... because I'm beautiful, expensive, and sometimes a bit thick :wink:

But really I feel that I'm green - specifically, sencha. Not sure why ... is it because I don't like very hot temperatures? Or because I'm fussy? Is it the Japanese cultural connection, possibly? (Doesn't hurt that green is my favourite colour, either...)
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